Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Randomness

Today's quote...

"There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity."

--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


During a conversation at dinner on Saturday night I mentioned to Don that I learned in my first trip to Seattle that Seattle consisted of 7 hills, yet I didn't know what they were. So I did a bit of research (aka google search) and found a wikipedia article on the 7 hills. They are:
I was aware of all but Crown Hill and Denny Hill. It was interesting to read more about the Denny regrade project which I have heard about but didn't know specifics.


I think that I have been thinking about hills this week because I am very grateful to live on one right now. The flooding in western Washington has been severe in some areas. Every newscast is filled with pictures of flooded homes, roads and communities.


I saw an ad on TV last night for the new animated movie for the holiday season. I was having trouble putting it all together in my head. How does a movie about everything that is flushed down the toilet equate to the perfect movie for the holiday season. And, does anyone else find it disturbing that there is a movie about what is "Flushed Away?" Have we run out of subject matter for animated films?


There have been some major changes at my favorite radio station this week. The afternoon DJ is now the morning DJ and the morning DJ is now the afternoon DJ. Many of the features that were part of the afternoon show are now part of the morning show and visa versa. It was really confusing and annoying at first, but I am beginning to adjust.


It's Thursday which means that the week is almost over and it's my TV night! :-) Have a good one!

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