Monday, July 20, 2015

Photo 365: July 20

The view from my room.  Loving my time at the AHRA conference and LOTS of air conditioning.

Photo 365: July 19

After a long day of travel and lots of long lines, I couldn't get myself to leave my room so it was room service pizza to the rescue.

Photo 365: July 18

Had a fabulous time hosting these guys for brunch this morning. I watched them grow up and I'm truly amazed at the incredible men that they've become.  Top photo is the happy one, bottom photo is the mean one except for Pete who can't be mean.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Photo 365: July 17

My oversized sparkly sunglasses have finally died. 

Photo 365: July 16

Enjoyed a truly magical night with one of my favorite bands,Carbon Leaf, at one of my favorite venues with my favorite people.

Photo 365: July 15

Too many goodbyes this week. Today was all about celebrating my friend Karen who has been my peer and friend for the last four years.  She will be missed. 

Photo 365: July 14

Don is on call this week, thankfully Flex is doing his part and helping out by lying across his arms.  

Photo 365: July 13

Goodbye party for our medical director.  Hard to say goodbye to the woman who gave me my first job in radiology but I know our paths will cross again. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photo 365: July 12

Beer can chicken is really the only acceptable use of PBR. 

Photo 365: July 11

Spent the day doing one of my favorite pastimes, putting flags in a travel guidebook.

Photo 365: July 10

Feeling a little bit better and ready for some comfort food.  Gnocchi is the perfect comfort food.

Photo 365: July 9

You know you're sick when you move the box of Kleenex into bed with you.

Photo 365: July 8

Super grateful for cold medicine today, my first sick day in 14 months. 

Photo 365: July 7

These are no ordinary fortune cookies, they are ICD 10 fortune cookies. I'm a healthcare nerd! 

Photo 365: July 6

The geraniums are not liking the heat. Pulled them into the backyard to drown them in water and let them rest for a bit. 

Photo 365: July 5

Spent the day playing cards and getting my ass kicked once again.

Photo 365: July 4

Too many photos from the holiday to share just one.  We celebrated on South Lake Union with wonderful friends. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Photo 365: July 3

This crazy heat has done a number on our lawn.

Photo 365: July 2

No better way to kick off the holiday weekend than dinner with lovely people.

Photo 365: July 1

This will always be my favorite OSU bumper sticker. Dam right, I'm a Beaver!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Photo 365: June 30

In an effort to keep the house cool we've been cooking on the grill this week, including this pizza. 

Photo 365: June 29

Finally got a pedicure and now I can fully embrace sandal wearing season.

Photo 365: June 28

First outdoor concert of the season and member appreciation night.

Photo 365: June 27

Fabulous dinner with delightful friends capped off by this glorious sunset.

Photo 365: June 26

This Gamberoni appetizer was delish!

Photo 365: June 25

Otter pot with Impatients on our patio.

Photo 365: June 24

Another teacup, I've always wondered how you'd actually drink tea from it.

Photo 365: June 23

Thankfully the house is a reasonable temperature even if it isn't outside. 

Photo 365: June 22

The hummingbirds are very active this year, I may actually have to fill it again before summer is over. 

Photo 365: June 21

The bleach is doing more than making the whites brighter, turns out it is killing the washer. 

Photo 365: June 20

Nearly 10 pm and there is still light in the sky. 

Photo 365: June 19

It is a rare occasion for me to escape work for lunch but it was worth it to spend time with my brothers.

Photo 365: June 18

My first attempt at making Cobb Salad at home. It was good but will never beat Chicken Caesar Salad in this house.

Photo 365: June 17

One of my favorite teacups from my Grandma Harriet's collection.

Photo 365: June 16

Beginning to wonder how many different types of contact lenses do I have to try to find the perfect option? 

Photo 365: June 15

This has been the favorite toy mouse to be tossed around the house for the past few weeks, I think it is officially dead now.

Photo 365: June 14

Bugsy, the peacock who lives at Chateau Ste Michelle, had a conflict with a duck which brought him right to where we were sitting and he put on quite a show. 

Photo 365: June 13

Silver polish arrived and now the silver is shiny and purdy. 

Photo 365: June 12

Went through several of the early versions very quickly and there was always something wrong with them but I've had my Kindle Paperwhite for over a year now and still love everything about it.

Photo 365: June 11

Received a few years back as a joke from a colleague because I used to tease him about this obsession with McKesson, now I use it daily when walking between buildings on campus.