Monday, June 15, 2015

Photo 365: June 10

Pink ribbon magnets in my office. 

Photo 365: June 9

Chocolate chip cookie with BACON that @coritapita brought to P.E.O. tonight. 

Photo 365: June 8

I get the most riveting magazines at work. Anyone wanna borrow it?

Photo 365: June 7

Loving this new tablecloth for the patio.

Photo 365: June 6

The patio is all set up for the summer!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Photo 365: June 5

Love walking out of work and seeing my new vanity plates! They were worth the wait!

Photo 365: June 4

I've been waiting for this envelope for too many weeks!

Photo 365: June 3

Don't you love it when you delegate a project and it turns out better than if you had done it yourself?

Photo 365: June 2

Plank grilled Copper River salmon. Don just keeps getting better at this!

Photo 365: June 1

After over a year in my office I finally got around to hanging something on the walls.

Photo 365: May 31

Outgoing Washington State P.E.O. President Elizabeth Humphries at the State Convention.  Thanks for your years of service Elizabeth!

Photo 365: May 30

Taken at the Washington State P.E.O. Convention.  I love sharing P.E.O. with my BFF!

Photo 365: May 29

My team stacked these cups with using just a rubber band and strings, no hands.  I love exercises at leadership training.

Photo 365: May 28

The back of my office door.  It's been there since I moved in, I think it's there in case I forget how to get to my own department. ;-)

Photo 365: May 27

Tasted lots of fabulous bourbon tonight.

Photo 365: May 26

Away from my desk for four hours of meetings and missed a few calls, it's a crazy day.