Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photo 365: April 20

Very belated birthday celebration for Christy tonight. Fabulous night with these awesome friends.

Photo 365: April 19

My second Jamberry manicure. I've decided I'm not cool enough to pull off the whole mismatched nail trend.

Photo 365: April 18

John is 9! Happy Birthday nephew! 

Photo 365: April 17

Amazed by this play tonight.

Photo 365: April 16

Flex decided the kitchen block was the perfect location to chase his tail tonight. 

Photo 365: April 15

A frozen cryogenic vent is a terrifying site to any Radiology manager, thankfully this was just the result of some maintenance work. 

Photo 365: April 14

Celebrating P.E.O. Chapter ID's birthday by making birthday kits for the White Center Food Bank. 

Photo 365: April 13

Made it to FedEx with three minutes to spare. Crazy to think that my package will be in D.C. by tomorrow morning.

Photo 365: April 12

Celebrated Kipp's 60th birthday tonight. I'm so glad to have 10 years of friendship and memories with him, he's my older brother from another mother.

Photo 365: April 11

Chateau Ste Michelle in the spring.

Photo 365: April 10

I can't tell you how much I love this button and having heated seats. How did I ever live without them?

Photo 365: April 9

This is what my car looks like when it had been towed and impounded. I was temporarily directionally challenged but am fully recovered now. 

Photo 365: April 8

Beer light shining bright! 

Photo 365: April 7

This guy had epic hair! 

Monday, April 06, 2015

Photo 365: April 6

Sometimes you just need some 6th food group cheese!

Photo 365: April 5

Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Buns ready to be packed up for delivery. Happy Easter! 

Photo 365: April 4

How bad ass is this? My drink had to be poured into a smoke filled skull before being poured into the glass.

Photo 365: April 3

My first Jamberry manicure. It was easier than I expected!

Photo 365: April 2

Didn't understand why the front of the drape was clear when getting my hair cut. My hairdresser explained that it was so you could still use your i devices. Are we really that addicted? For the record, she had to put it back on me after so I could shoot this pic, I didn't use it instead we had a lovely conversation.

Photo 365: April 1

A trick free April Fool's Day so it is springtime flowers instead.

Photo 365: March 31

Dinner with my P.E.O. sisters tonight and I got to sit next to this cutie! 

Photo 365: March 30

Lots of post-its on the wall to show off my mad CPI skills.