Wednesday, September 29, 2010

English Muffins: BBA Challenge #12

I'm all caught up with the backlog of posts from bread baked months ago and now am ready to talk about my projects from last weekend. There were 3 in all, which many find a bit crazy but when I jump back in I jump in with both feet.

I felt a bit about English Muffins as I did about bagels, is that really something that should be made at home? The process was pretty straight forward but the cooking process was a bit intimidating as you cook them in a skillet prior to putting them in the oven. Reinhart is very cautious about not not flipping them too soon so mine were a bit darker than I planned. I stood over the pan and watched them the whole time but how exactly can you tell how dark they are until you flip them over or lift them up and take a peek?

The flavor and texture were perfect and I was very please with the end result.

And because it is a sin to have homemade English Muffins in the house and not make Eggs Benedict that is exactly what I did!

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