Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election Mania

Today is November 8th and the election is over, thank God! I sat down to watch my favorite TV shows on Sunday night and every single ad on television was one of the candidates blasting the views of the other. I hate campaign ads and I really hated them this year.

I use reliable sources (voters pamphlet, websites) for information to make my decision about which candidate I am voting for and specifics about ballot initiatives. I sat down over the weekend with all of my research and finalized my decisions. And then the TV ads really got on my nerves. All I heard was that Maria Cantwell is against the war, Mike McGavick wants to privatize social security and was a bad leader at Safeco, Dave Reichert votes with Bush 90% of the time and Darcy Burner will raise your taxes. AAAHHHH!

The most annoying of these races was the race between Reichert and Burner for the 8th Congressional District. I watched the local political shows about this race, endured the ads on television, radio and the discussions at work only to learn when I went to prepare on Sunday that I don't live within the 8th Congressional District. I live in the 7th Congressional District. At least I didn't have to decide between Burner and Reichert.


I fell asleep watching the news last night. I saw the beginning of the results for Washington but was sound asleep before the majority came in and I didn't hear a thing about the races in Utah. I mentioned this to a co-worker who moved here recently from Utah and he hadn't heard either so we pulled up the Salt Lake Tribune to find out everything we wanted to know. The first thing we found out was that Sen. Orrin Hatch had retained his office. This began a conversation about our "run-ins" with the Senator. I shared my encounter with him and subsequent learning what the word "smarmy" meant. And then my co-worker shared with me that Orrin Hatch had a CD out. I didn't believe him so I googled it and sure enough he has a Christmas Eve CD. You would think that I would have surely known about Christmas Music, but I did not. A further google search revealed a website titled The Music History of Orrin Hatch. When we pulled this page up were we immediately saw a picture of the senator with Barry Manilow. Who knew that Orrin was such a pop music fan. It doesn't change my opinion of him. I still think he is s smarmy jerk.


The same co-worker as listed above and I decided that our new favorite 4-letter swear word is WAWF. It's a government acronym which represents another horrible ugly government website that is impossible to navigate. UGH! Our tax dollars at work.


It has finally stopped raining but not much of the region is flooded. I have one co-worker who could not get home last night because the once small town she lives in is now an island. I wonder if that will increase their property value? I teased her about it this morning and she remains in good spirits despite the circumstances. The danger is not over yet. Many of the rivers continue to creep above flood stage and hundreds remain in shelters.

The good news is that it appears like we will have a couple of dry days.


I was saddened to hear that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were getting a divorce. Boy I really thought that was a marriage that would last.


I think that enough griping for one morning. Have a happy day!

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