Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Last Sunday night I walked into Starbucks with Mom and Ricker following a yummy dinner at my favorite neighborhood Italian bistro and was elated to see that the red cups were back. I got so wrapped up in the holiday spirit that I just had to have a Egg Nog Latte. It was my first of the season and I got to share it with my mom who loves them almost as much as I do.

I love the red holiday cups at Starbucks. I got totally into the red cup website last year and decided to go and check out the website they have put together for this holiday season. The theme is holiday traditions. I read through a few of the posted stories of various holiday traditions and they warmed my heart. You can check it out at

I walked out on the deck a few minutes ago to take down the wind chimes that I keep hung from the ceiling. It's been really windy here and they are making far too much noise. It's a clear evening in Seattle and the skyline from my deck was beautiful. I immediately noticed the *tree* atop Tower @ 801 had been lit up. It's an annual tradition during the holiday season in Seattle to see this famous Seattle building with it's brightly lit tree on top (see picture). I am happy to report that they have purchased new lights this year and the tree is now a solid green stripe, followed by a red stripe and a white stripe. It looks great.

I was about to "freak out" that they had turned the lights on a bit to early and then realized that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. Christmas will be here before we know it and I have tons to do!

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