Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My fabulous little brother

My little brother Jimmy has spent the last 6 months teasing me about having a blog. He delights in pointing out that millions of people in this country have blogs and "No one reads them!" I know that he is just giving me a bad time because he likes to tease me because despite his claims that he doesn't have time to read blogs when I speak to him on the phone he mentions something that he would only know if he were reading my blog-- gotcha!

What are little brothers for if not to give their big sisters a bad time.

Well I am happy to announce that after months of pointing out my fruitless efforts to produce a blog, my little brother has decided to join the millions of bloggers with a blog of his own. He and his friend McSean have started a blog about the Utah Jazz. When Jimmy told me about it I immediately added it to my bloglines feed and have been reading it since. Up until today all of the posts have been made by McSean, so today I was delighted to see that Jimmy had posted something and it's a perfect "Jimmy post" titled New Look Uniforms about the alternative uniforms for the season. Only my little brother would find a way to incorporate fashion into a sports blog.

I love you buddy! :-)

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