Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sibiling Conversation

An email exchange between my brother Dave and I on Wednesday, November 22.

Julie Anne: Have you seen this movie?

Dave: Can't say that I

Julie Anne: Nope I didn't even know about it. I have added it to my NetFlix list. I will check it out and let you know. It's time to set up the Christmas tree on Friday, I can't wait to be Clark again. :-)

Dave: You've been listening to Christmas music for a couple of weeks, which means you've been Clark for a while..... :-)

Julie Anne: But I held out until November 10th, that's pretty good for me.

Dave: I've been singing and humming them lately. Very excited for Christmas this year.

Julie Anne: Have you listened to any on CD yet? You should crack out some CD's for the drive to Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Dave: Already on my iPod and ready to go.

Julie Anne: Guess what was just delivered to my desk... Roy Roger's and Dale Evans Christmas CD.... can you say "hoarses, hoarses, hoarses" ;-)

Dave: I can see how the Utah public school education is paying off……can the horses not talk?

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