Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Escaped from Seattle to Lake Wenatchee for a long weekend with Barney and Don. Here are the highlights:
  • Enjoyed the fall colors and a beautiful drive over Steven's Pass.
  • Unpacked and settled in to Kamp K, my friend Kipp's cabin.
  • Took a walk along the waterfront and back through the woods.
  • Worked REALLY hard to get a fire started.
  • Relaxed on the deck and enjoyed the lake while snacking and sippin a glass of wine.
  • Made and enjoyed a yummy dinner of steaks, baked potatoes and green beans.
  • Got beat over and over again in repetitive games of Shanghai Rummy.
  • Drank too much wine.
  • Sipped coffee and stared out at the morning fog on the lake.
  • Made oatmeal for breakfast and can't believe I've lived 35 years and never put cinnamon on my oatmeal!
  • Snapped some great pics on the way to Leavenworth, I love fall!
  • Saw the Oktoberfest parade and the traditional taping of the first keg.
  • Tried a few "new to me" beers.
  • Enjoyed walking through Leavenworth on a sunny beautiful afternoon.
  • Got back to the cabin in time to enjoy the sunset and some snacking in front of the fire.
  • Lost some more card games, it was not my weekend for winning.
  • Enjoyed coffee in front of the fire again trying to get the fire going again.
  • Made my famous (at least in my little world they are famous) Eggs Benedict.
  • Cleaned up and packed up.
  • Stopped at Smallwood's Harvest in Peshastin, WA to buy fresh apples.
  • Got home in time to unpack and prepare for the week ahead.
Hopefully I'll get the pictures downloaded from my camera soon so that I can share some with all of you. How was your weekend?

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