Friday, October 17, 2008

iPod random ten

Idea stolen from Don. As usual my iPod is playing away on my desk and making the fact that I'm working today nearly bearable. I shuffled the songs and the first 10 to play (listed by song, artist and album):
  1. Jezebel -- 10.000 Maniacs, Our Time in Eden
  2. I Need You -- America, History: Greatest Hits
  3. All I Need Is Everything -- Over the Rhine, Hear Music Volume 2, Songs for Long Narrow Stretches
  4. Do You Wanna Dance? -- The Beach Boys, 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
  5. Glasgow (KSER) -- Travis Harnett, KSER solo acoustic guitar
  6. Shepherd Moons -- Enya, Pain The Sky with Stars, The Best of Enya
  7. Together Forever -- Rick Astley, Whenever You Need Somebody
  8. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing -- Diana Ross & The Supremes, Joined Together: The Complete Studio Duets
  9. One More Night -- Phil Collins, No Jacket Required
  10. So Why? -- Carbon Leaf, 5 Alive! (Disc 1)
Believe it or not I'm more embarrassed by the Phil Collins than I am the Rick Astley. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, No Jacket Required is a good album. And besides, you've got Carbon Leaf on there, which redeems any cheese. ;)

Julie Anne said...

No Jacket Required was the first CD I ever owned, and I wore it out. Now many years later it just doesn't have the same appeal as it once did. Carbon Leaf does rock, they are one of my all time favorites. :-)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

All the songs I know on your list are more than 20 years old. Who is Carbon Leaf? I may have heard the song but I have no idea who they are. You should see my ipod list--more Jimmy Buffett than anything.

Julie Anne said...

Carbon Leaf is a band from Richmond, Virginia (right your neck of the woods). I first heard them when I moved to Seattle and started listening to KMTT. I've seen them live several times and they are great! You can check them out at They play lots of shows in the DC area, you should check them out.

More than 20 years old, are you saying my taste in music is old? ;-) I too have TONS of Jimmy Buffett and am a bit surprised that not a single song showed up on this random list.