Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lost Dog

Don, Barney and I headed up to my friend Kipp's for dinner last night. Kipp has a dog named Kayla who gets along well with Barney so an invite to dinner is bonus time for Barney because he gets lots of free-time in the yard to sniff everything he wants. When we arrived last night Barney wanted nothing to do with sniffing or being outside, instead he insisted on being underfoot while we all worked together to pull off dinner. Once the chaos of dishing up began I insisted that it was time to go outside and we coaxed him outside with the promise of treats only to trap him outside the sliding glass door.

We, along with Kipp's friend, Katy, enjoyed a wonderful dinner of grilled halibut, grilled vegetables, squash and ravioli with Kipp's homemade spaghetti sauce. Following dinner we cleaned up and then went outside to enjoy the cool night around fire in the outdoor chimenea. Upon arriving outside Kayla was curled up on her bed on the patio and Barney was NOT in the yard. The gate was partially open and Barney was gone. My brain immediately flashed to the article I read prior to adopting Barney when I was trying to acquaint myself with Beagles. It warned that Beagles when let loose will follow their noses and when they are finished they can't remember where they have been or how to get back. Barney is always on a leash except when he is in a confined/fenced in space. I had no way of knowing how far he may have gone but kept myself calm knowing the he was wearing identification, is micro chipped and licensed.

The four of us immediately set out to search for Barney. We headed out from the driveway in four different directions and within a minute Katy spotted movement in the front yard directly across the street. Sure enough it was Barney who was so busy sniffin' that he didn't respond when called and wouldn't come. Don ran down and dragged him away from whatever it was that he was sniffing and we walked back across the street. I was so relieved.

I am so grateful that he isn't hurt or lost. And if he never escapes again it will be just fine with me.

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