Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Randomness

I had a very detailed dream last night and woke up completely disturbed. It was my wedding day and the majority of the dream consisted of me preparing for the ceremony. I was in an old mansion on what looked to be a southern plantation, in a third floor bedroom where I tried on and walked around in at least 10 dresses finally settling on a off the shoulder 2-piece dress with a white top and black skirt (it's not a JA story unless you know what I was wearing). While this fashion show was going on my family and friends were continually wandering in and out of the room. In the dream I was marrying a very old Texas Oilman who was shorter than me. It was clear to me that NOBODY thought my impeding marriage was a good idea but still came into the room and shared their best wishes and rendered their opinions on my dress choices. The final and last person to come in the room was the only one to tell me that I was making a huge mistake, told me that I was only marrying "Tex" for money and that I deserved better and asked me if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I nodded, unable to speak and my friend left the room. Moments later I started crying which lead to sobbing and then the decision that I couldn't marry the Texan. So I locked the door, opened the window, removed my shoes and threw them to the ground below and began climbing down a trellis. When I'm outside the window and begin my descent my mother begins knocking on the bedroom door, telling me that it's time to go and demanding that I unlock the door. Upon reaching the ground I put my shoes on and run as fast as I can down the driveway.

I woke at that point and was so pleased to find myself dressed in a nightgown in my bed in Seattle.


A few weeks ago during a trip to the Seattle Premium Outlets I purchased a purple and white striped cotton blouse (similar to this one). I don't wear a lot of purple and picked it because I'm trying to expand my horizons (mostly away from wearing black and/or red, everyday). I'm wearing the blouse for the first time today and in the past 2 hours two of my colleagues have commented on it followed by proclaiming "but you hate purple." See I shouldn't wear purple after all!


The mud has been slinging between my family members all week thanks to this evenings football match-up between the University of Utah and Oregon State. My mother and youngest brother Jimmy are graduates of the "U" and die-hard Ute fans. Dave (middle brother) and I bleed orange and will be "Beaver Believers" till the very end. The teams played last year in Corvallis and the Beavers were triumphant. This year the Utes are ranked 15th and having a good season, but the Beavers just beat USC last week (previous ranked #1), so I think it's going to be a really great football game. But I really hope the Beav's win so I can remind my relatives of it over and over and over and over and over again for the next year!



Today is my Friday and I'm go glad as this week as dragged by and I'm ready for the weekend. Happy Thursday!

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

Well if he was old he wouldn't last too much longer anyway. Take the money and run!!! LOL.

Actually I am amazed at you remember that much detail I usually can't remember crap.