Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a rainy and much cooler weekend, you can feel the fall chill in the air. Here are the highlights:
  • Started the weekend off with the OSU vs. Utah game on Thursday night at Don's. We made minestrone soup and watched a great game, too bad it didn't end 2 seconds sooner.
  • Took Barney to the vet for his distemper vaccine.
  • Ran a few errands.
  • Completed some household projects and cleaning.
  • Enjoyed the cool, rainy evening at home catching up with all the new TV shows my TiVo picked up.
  • Woke Saturday morning to NO hot water which left me stuck at home until repairs could be completed to my hot water heater.
  • Finally showered. There are Saturdays when I gladly stay in my pj's til noon but its annoying to do so when all you want is to get dressed and start the day.
  • Took Barney on a long walk in the rain. He is a *weather wimp* and starts shivering after only a few minutes in the cold.
  • Stopped by the grocery store and picked up a few things and then picked up dinner at Teriyaki Bowl.
  • Watched License to Wed and a couple horrible Lifetime movies.
  • Picked up a cup of coffee at Firehouse Coffee and then walked to Golden Gardens (4 miles roundtrip). I thought Barney was going to give up when we were only halfway done but I gave him some water and he got his second wind.
  • Ironed my clothes for the week.
  • Baked up some lemon dill chicken for dinner.
  • Watched the Amazing Race and went to bed.
How was your weekend?

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