Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yahoo! IM Freeks

What is wrong with the people that IM using the Yahoo! messenger service? I get more random conversation invitations from Yahoo! than AIM or MSN and they all turn out to be total weirdos and freaks.

Last November I chatted with a Yahoo! member that had found me though a Yahoo! group that we were both a member of. The conversation was primarily about cancer (the subject of the Yahoo! group) and I added him to my buddy list. Well he must not be very smart because within less than a month he must have though that I was interested in him in other ways (No I don't want to see your webcam). And in January he began sending offline message. I told him on numerous occasions that I appear online when I am available, I don't play the invisible game. But still the messages continued. So tonight I cut him off with the following conversation.

[22:41] freakshow: ur here?
[22:46] me: yes
[22:46] me: But you are still appearing invisible
[22:49] me: I am growing tired of your offline messages. They continue even though I have asked you not to IM me when I am not online. And you always appear invisible. I think I am going to block you.
[22:51] me: Well since you haven't responded, I have decided. It's over. You are blocked.

So, what the hell is wrong with the people that chat on Yahoo?

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