Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slow SLC Media websites

I am just finishing up my lunch break at work. In my typical routine I ate at my desk so that I could check my RSS feeds and email. Primarily I wanted to get some additional information about the shooting that took place at Trolley Square in my hometown of Salt Lake City last night. But after 30 or so minutes of attempting to watch video of a news conference that happened over 30 minutes ago, I am frustrated beyond belief by horrible websites of the SLC news outlets.

I started off on the KSL website. I was able to find an article but when I clicked on the video player I received an error message and it only works with Internet Explorer. So I launched IE and pulled up the article and got a totally blank screen. I attempted a few additional times and got the same thing.

I then went to the KUTV website and was able to locate the video immediately from their main page. The player launched immediately and played for a few seconds and then stopped to buffer the feed. I thought this would work itself out for after a minute or so but to no luck. I gave up.

Next stop was KTVX website which I was able to find the link to the press conference immediately and it initiated playing an advertisement immediately but upon completion did not play the press conference.

I am so frustrated that I want to scream!

UPDATE: At 13:14 I was able to get the video to successfully play on the KTVX website.

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