Friday, February 16, 2007

QotD: Who was your best (or worst) elementary school teacher?

Vox Question of the Day: Who was your best (or worst) elementary school teacher?

The best elementary school teacher that I had was Mrs. Joyce Eliason. I was in her 1st grade class and then later on when they did some shuffling of teacher assignements I was assigned to her 3rd grade class. That's right, I was lucky enough to have her twice. I learned a tremendous amount from Mrs. Eliason. She was fair and fun. I remember eagerly anticipating the school day to see what she had in store for us.

And for the record my worst teacher was Mr. (his first name has been replace in my brain by something useful I am sure) Romney. He was clueless, uninspiring and thought he could bribe us to learn and behave properly in class with Rolo's. I was in a brand new school that year and he made the transition even worse. He was the total opposite of Mrs. Eliason.

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