Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What else?

I received an invitation from Don to join Twitter last night. I always join the sites he invites me to join and often times end up loving them. I spent a while "getting my Twitter on" last night and think it's going to be another fun one. If I recall correctly I think the first one he invited me to join was upcoming.org which I joined because he had posted an event that we were both attending. I thought it was fun but didn't think that I would get that into it. Yet now, I love it. And when I am wondering what is going on around town it's one of the first places that I look.

After logging off I began to give some thought to these sites and realized that a whole lot of my life is tracked online and not just by blogging but by random websites including:

  • The list of places that I want to visit is tracked at 43 Places.
  • Articles that I find interesting on my Bloglines Feed are tracked on my Bloglines Blog.
  • People that I dream of meeting are tracked at 43 People.
  • Pictures that I take are stored at Flickr.
  • Songs that I listen to are tracked on LastFM.
  • Things that want to accomplish are tracked at 43 Things.
  • Items that I want to own are tracked on my Amazon Wish List.
  • My mood is tracked on imood.
  • Things I have consumed are tracked on All Consuming. (yet I have not done a good job keeping this one up to date)
  • The "lists" that I am working on are tracked on Lists of Bests.
  • Places that I visit are tacked at Dodgeball.
  • And now random and fleeting thoughts about my daily activities are tracked at Twitter.

So this begs that question, what next? What else can possibly be tracked by a fun and interactive website? I am not sure, but I am pretty sure I will join!

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