Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of the month catch up

I have been lousy about writing lately. It's not from lack of news or interesting things to share. I often think to myself that "I need to blog about that" but then the thought of getting my computer and writing is just too much and the desire fades.

It was also complicated by a great sense of being overwhelmed this month. January has been insane and it hasn't been until this week that I finally feel that I have everything under control. I don't know if it was getting back into a "normal" routine after the holiday season, increased responsibility at work, school or what but I have been feeling disorganized and discombobulated, like I am treading water and barely keeping myself above water. But this week has been better, I am finally feeling in control again.

So without further ado, some happenings and thoughts from my world.

I have decided that I dislike the work Puyallup.


As I usually do on Tuesday evenings, I watched Gilmore Girls last night. It's been a rough season for *my girls* with a change in network and writing teams leaving many of the episodes at the beginning of the season flat and very un-Gilmore. I almost wrote about this after watching last weeks episode but didn't want to jinx the remainder of the season but the last 2 episodes have been a drastic improvement. The zany quick wit of the characters is back especially with Lorelei's "monkey, monkey, underpants" speech last week. And then last nights episode made me cry, something that hasn't happened it quite some time. :-)


I had a *bad stomach day* yesterday. I have not had one in a REALLY long time and forgot how miserable they were. Bad days are usually the result of eating something that I shouldn't have. When I was having them on a regular basis I was really careful about everything that I ate, but since my system has returned to a "normal" I had to really think about what it may have been. The only thing that I consumed that was "out of the ordinary" was cranberry juice. I didn't think that it could be the culprit but after a little investigation on the Internet I think it may be.

I am not a huge fan of fruit juice in general because it usually leads to a painful acidic stomach pain but decided that something mild like Cranberry juice would be fine. I won't be doing that again for quite some time.


I went to Costco after work last night and my refrigerator is packed! I have enough burritos, chicken pot pie, chicken breasts, and veggies to last me quite some time. I am glad that I left the frozen food section when I did because I don't think that I could fit another thing in my freezer.


I continue to search unsuccessfully for a pair of headphones that don't hurt my ears/head. I really hate the ear buds that fit inside your ears. I don't know if I have small ear opening or what but they never fit properly and they hurt. I really like the kind that go around the back of the head but the recent pair that I purchased squeezes too tightly and gives me a headache. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


That's all for now. Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

After you watch this weeks Gilmore girls - call me. I want to know what you think of the episode.