Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fabulous Weekend

It's freezing cold in Seattle but I had a warm, wonderful weekend!

I had planned on being home and solo on Friday evening but instead found myself at one of my favorite neighborhood places to drink Cosmopolitan's and celebrate my friend Heather's promotion to Executive Vice President of Dumb Ass Management (I would explain that here but it's I couldn't do it justice).

Saturday was busy with class and a few errands and the usual Saturday stuff. Don and I had dinner at the Icon Grill which we had both wanted to try for quite some time and once there we were there wondered why we hadn't. It's as if they made a restaurant with many of our favorite things including yummy American comfort food and a great wine list. The atmosphere is cozy (despite the overabundance of Chihuly glass which Don is not so fond of) and the service was great (despite an unfortunate incident that I won't mention in detail because it could happen anywhere and was handled by the staff with the utmost professionalism). I have a feeling that we will be dining there again soon.

Following dinner we bundled up in our winter finest at walked to Benaroya Hall for the Seattle Symphony performance of the Brandenberg Concerti. Although I spent a great deal of time this week listening to the music and had been looking forward to seeing a live performance of Concerto No. 3 for as long as I can remember when the musicians took the stage and began performing I was totally overcome with emotion. It was an amazing show with the Bach and Vivaldi pieces.

This morning Don and I had planned to meet friends for breakfast at one of our favorite neighborhood spots to watch the playoff game. Unfortunately when we arrived 15 minutes prior to the start of the game the place was packed and the host laughed at me when I inquired about a table. So we ended up having breakfast at another neighborhood spot and then went back to my place to catch the end of the game. Seattle put up a tough fight but lost in OT to the Bears. The remainder of the morning and early afternoon we were contented with coffee and laptops
and *geekin out.* I am now a huge fan of the Doogle search. And no, I didn't spell Google wrong. A Doogle search is when I lay on the couch snuggled under a blanket and shoot questions at Don who then uses google or wikipedia to find answer to all my questions. :-)

The day wasn't all play as I did get Don to assist me in placing my *new* oriental rug in the dining room. It's not new because it was actually inherited from my mother but it's *new* to my apartment and does a wonderful job covering the stain in the dining room that has been driving me nuts since I moved in.

I just ordered a pizza from Pagliacci Pizza and am going to relax with my favorite Sunday night TV shows and get to bed early so that I am ready to face the week ahead which promises to be a long and hopefully not too stressful one.

I hope you all had a good weekend and you are staying warm wherever you are.

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