Monday, December 04, 2006

Technology Woes

I suffered from tremendous technical difficulties yesterday. I was forced to replace my cell phone battery (yes, again), yet even after hours of charging it died. I got repeated error messages from my wireless broadband service and the service kept insisting that I needed to generate a new IP address, this put quite a kink in my studying for my upcoming final examination. And, I had been trying to upload some posts to my website yet the Blogger website that I use to manage my website wasn't working properly. I was finally so frustrated that I gave up on it all.

My horoscope this morning said something about having a temper tantrum and I just blew it off, but when I still couldn't get my phone to charge or my wireless card to work reliably this morning, I became very, very, very, angry.

So after work I went to the Verizon store. I have teased many times over the past few weeks about how hard Verizon is working for me (totally tongue in cheek) but tonight (maybe because of my temper tantrum) they really did work for me.

I was greeted Chris, the same tech support guy that helped me on Sunday, and he immediately recognized me and started fixing the problem with my phone. While I was still explaining the problem in great detail he was pulling a brand new phone out and hooking it up. Once the phone was settled I addressed the wireless broadband problem with them. I explained my frustration with the service and it's general unreliability, he called the store manager over and they let me out of my contract. Which was huge relief. I had been disappointed by the service since I got it but felt trapped.

However, this left me with a problem, no access to the internet. I heard a couple of ads on the radio for Clearwire and noticed a kiosk at Pacific Place where I had parked my car. I stopped by to ask a few questions which were answered to my satisfaction and I took the plunge and signed up. Upon arriving home I set up the modem. It works perfectly, it's much faster than Verizon and I am happy!

Hopefully all of my technology woes are behind me, I get very grumpy when I am not able to connect to the world.

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