Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fabulous Christmas Eve Eve

I had a fabulous day today. It's as if the stars all aligned in realization that I needed a perfect day to forget the stress that I faced this week. Between the *shit* at work, the weather, the traffic, the rush that is the holiday season and fighting off a cold I found myself in need of a day just like today.

I woke up early but then decided I needed more sleep so I rolled over and went back to sleep shortly thereafter and I ended up waking up at 9:20 a.m. I showered and dressed and organized myself for the day ahead.

After I sped through the Starbucks drive-thru to pick up my favorite holiday beverage my silver sleigh was headed full-speed towards holiday fun. I scored the prime parking spot at the mall (4 spots from the door) and I quickly picked up a few last minute holiday items.

After a few other holiday errands I stopped by David's Bridal to take a look at the dress I have to wear for a wedding in June 2007. I was nervous about the whole thing but to my surprise not only did they have the dress but they had it in my size and in the right color, so I tried it on and if fit perfectly, a little on the short side but perfect everywhere else. :-) Now for those of you that have been in weddings in the past you can agree with me that the dress never comes together that easily.

I then headed home to drop off my treasures. I grabbed my laundry and headed out again. I ran by the salon for a quick haircut and waxing and forty minutes later walked out with wet yet super curly hair. My hair is always super curly right after it's cut.

I then headed up to the top of the hill to the laundromat and started three loads of laundry. I walked across the street and picked up the last few groceries that I need to put together my contributions to Christmas dinner and walked back to throw my clothes into the dryer. Then it was off to Starbucks for a few minutes of relaxation with a perfect sandwich and a cup of coffee.

I folded my laundry packed it up and wasn't quite ready to go home so I decided since it was Christmas Eve Eve a trip through Candy Cane Lane was in order. Following my overdosed of holiday lights and a hug from Santa I was headed home.

My evening at home was perfect. I finished putting together the gift that I am most excited to give this year. I finished my wrapping, snacked on a frozen pizza, drank good wine, listened to Christmas music and spent 2 hours and 18 minutes on the phone with my best friend Jenna.

I am now ready to head to bed. I have my Christmas to-do list nearly complete, just a little bit of baking in the morning and it's all done.

It's almost here and I can hardly wait. Here is hoping that your Christmas Eve Eve was a fabulous one too.

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