Friday, December 29, 2006

My Best Christmas

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me well that I absolutely love Christmas music. I am always adding to my collection and planning my annual Christmas CD. I have noted for the last few years that there seems to be one song that stands out and sums up exactly what I am feeling that season.

For this year that song would be The Best Christmas by Christopher Cross. The older I get the more I realize that Christmas changes. I used to be sad these changes, now I know that it's just part of life. There have been some major milestones that have marked major changes in Christmas for me including finding out the truth about Santa, divorce, moving miles away from home, marriages and new family traditions; and with these changes I have found myself remembering how things used to be (okay, now I really sound old) and missing "My Best Christmas."

When I took the time to really listen to this song this year it really touched my heart. I now know that many of my celebrations from the past that I remember fondly can be classified in the "Best" category, as well as present celebrations and those in future and all for different reasons.

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is winding down and is nearly over. I am not quite ready to let go and think that the tree and decorations will have to stay up until the first week of January, for sure! :-)

Lyrics for My Best Christmas by Christopher Cross

Now many many years ago
And still my heart recalls
The gifts beneath the Christmas tree
That stood so very tall
Papa singing Christmas songs
While Mama danced and smiled
That was my best Christmas
When I was just a child

We built a snowman in the park
We dressed him up so fine
We were young and life was fun
The world was yours and mine
Beneath the mistletoe we kissed
I whispered I love you
That was my best Christmas
When you said you loved me too

So let's sing Merry Christmas
And hang our Christmas star
A very Merry Christmas
The very best so far

We woke up to a mountain snow
The windows locked in ice
Miles from home no telephone
The earth lay frozen white
The radio played Christmas songs
That was my best Christmas
Snowed in all day with you

The city wore it's Christmas clothes
Carols filled the air
Girls and boys and shiny toys
Shoppers filled the squares
Candy canes hung from a cradle
Stocking hung by the door
That was my best Christmas
The year our child was born


Now many Christmas Days we've shared
And once again we are
Glad of those that still live close
And missing friends afar
So now well make our Christmas wish
And pray that it is heard
For every ones best Christmas
And Peace upon the earth


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