Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beagle Armor

Barney showing off his new raincoat which will surely keep him dry and warm this winter.


Unknown said...

hehe, that's awesome. Spike will be happy to know his recommendation was helpful :)

BTW, be careful when Barney is off leash with that jacket on. It made Spike invincible and he would disappear into bushes and stuff at marymoor. Now we only put it on him when it's really cold. Wily beagle :)

Don said...

All he needs now is his Golden Lasso and the wrist cuffs so he can deflect the bullets. ;-D

Julie Anne said...

Thanks for the idea Anandi, I think its going to work very well to keep Barney warm and dry. He HATES being cold. And I'll let you know if the coat gives him invisible super-power like it did Spike. ;-) Too funny!