Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thoughts on Benny

My Alma mater Oregon State University is the home of Benny Beaver. This is the Benny I remember from my college days at OSU. He's sweet, he's cute and he is much more likely to make you laugh with his goofy smile than cause worry about him biting you.

This is the Benny Logo they use today. He's a lean, mean, beaver machine. He charges at his opponents and causes tremendous fear of biting.

For the record I've never been much a fan of the "new Benny" but I am a fan of winning football games and smelling roses, and if "new Benny" means more success on the football field that I say, "Move over Sailor Benny, you've been replaced!"

Last week OSU introduced Benny Jr which they hope will appeal to "younger fans." He is sporty, sweet and fun-loving and reminds me a bit of the Benny of my college days.

Whichever Benny inspires the team to kick ass is just fine with me. I'll be cheering today and hoping that Arizona is terrorized by the Beavers!


Don said...

I wonder if the Benny Jr. logo wouldn’t appeal to today’s media-saturated kids more if his cap were sideways and his shirt covered by a few gold chains?

Though maybe that isn’t the demographic they’re trying to reach.... ;-)

Seriously, though, the new “lean, mean, beaver machine” logo is much better than the old sailor logo, I think. Gives a better sense of the motion they want to communicate for their football and other athletic programs, as well as a kind of “moving forward” image for the school as a whole.

The sailor logo always struck me as a bit goofy: Hey kids, come to our cartoon college! ;-)

Now I will run away to avoid the smacking I’m sure you want to give me. Bwahahahaha!

Julie Anne said...

I agree with our insight about the new Benny symbolizing "moving forward."

But I am not at all pleased that you called OSU a "cartoon college," running away is a very good idea. ;-)