Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm a bit behind again on my updates, so to catch up, here are the highlights from June 20 - 22:
  • Celebrated the end of the week by drinking beer on the deck at Pyramid. It's finally warm enough for al fresco dining!
  • Relaxed and cleaned the house in prep for house guests.
  • Found a gadget (for $10) that allows me to hook up both my DVD player and my TiVo to the TV in the living room.
  • Finally got an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer. I've only been wanting one for a year or so.
  • Watched 27 Dresses.
  • Attempted to helped my friend Jenna some Internet recognisance, but failed.
  • Ended up on the deck a Pyramid again Saturday afternoon with Don for more sun and beer.
The past weekend (June 27 - 29) was super busy as my Cuz (Karri) and her Huz (Dale) were in town from Salt Lake, the highlights:
  • Enjoyed dinner, the bright blue sky and sun from the deck at Ray's Cafe on Friday evening.
  • Had lunch on the patio at Red Hook and then took the brewery tour. Karri and Dale got extra beer from the tour guide when she found out they were from Utah, she felt sorry for them.
  • Took the winery tour at Chateau Ste Michelle and learned that they gave their very first tour on Karri's birth date.
  • Bought some wine in the wine shop and then enjoyed the grounds and listened to Earth, Wind and Fire complete their sound check for their concert later in the day.
  • Had a lite late dinner at Andaluca in the Mayflower Park Hotel.
  • Enjoyed brunch on the Seattle waterfront at Bell Street Diner.
  • Dropped Karri and Dale off at Terminal 30 so that they could board the Star Princess and head off to Alaska.
  • Packed up the picnic basket and headed to Woodland Park Zoo with Kat for the Indigo Girls concert. The weather was perfect and the concert was great!
  • Left the concert and headed directly to the airport to pick up Don.
  • Should have been exhausted from a busy sun and fun-filled weekend but didn't manage to fall asleep until nearly 2 a.m. Somehow, I feel fine today.
How was your weekend?

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Kathleen said...

Glad to hear your alive and well. I was getting worried. Sounds like a lovely couple of weekends.