Friday, June 06, 2008

The day is done

I, like many others, went through tremendous changes during my college years. Trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in the world presented many a difficult day, or two. It's when I first discovered the power of music and its ability to help me find words when there are none. One of my very favorite bands during college was The Samples. Their songs soothed me, made me happy, made me sad and gave me a voice in many instances. The catchy melodies that accompanied those lyrics didn't hurt either. Some of my favorite songs/lyrics:

From Streets in the Rain
"I'd promise the changes
I'd never change me
No matter how distant
We seemed to be
We used to be children
And I'd never forget
When we played in our circles
But that game's not over yet"

From Little Silver Ring
"Growing old, watching silver turn to gold
Snowing cold, why aren't you here for me to hold?
In a dream somewhere finding my way home
Then a change of scene
The rest took place in Ancient Rome"

From Weight of the World
"Was life too heavy
Will you be free
You may never get older
It no longer hangs over
So let go of the weight of the world
The weight of the world"

From Did Ya Ever Look So Nice
"if we make it through these changes
find that nothing was in stone
but the glance of our exchanges
did they ever look so nice?"

It occurred to me today that I hadn't seen anything about The Samples in my RSS feeds of late. So I went to their website and found that it didn't exist anymore. I pulled up their Wikipedia page (cause Wiki knows everything) and found out that on April 7, 2008, The Samples came to an end. Sean Kelly, lead singer, front man and solo remaining original band member announced, "The Samples will be no longer."

So sad.

I never got to see them live. :-( Thankfully I have my albums! Another favorite song is When the Day is Done. I found this video featuring the song and think it's fitting as the days end for The Samples.

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