Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend in Seattle, I hope it stays like this for a few more weekends. Hey, I can wish! The highlights:
  • Attended to a few medical appointments on Friday morning. I love having Friday's off, I take my time with appointments and I'm not always thinking about rushing back to work, it's lovely.
  • Had lunch with a friend at Buckley's.
  • Relaxed and enjoyed a quiet evening at home.
  • Watched Stand Up To Cancer and found it informative and much less annoying that most fundraising programs.
  • Slept in a bit on Saturday morning.
  • Completed a bunch of household chores and projects around the house.
  • Watched the beginning of the Oregon State vs. Penn State football game until it was just too painful to watch anymore.
  • Enjoyed the sun, big boats, yummy food and good wine with Don at Bell Street Diner on Saturday evening.
  • Discovered that BYU fans are even more annoying outside the state of Utah. GO UTES!
  • Had a perfect Sunday morning complete with pj's, coffee, TV news/politics, cinnamon rolls.
  • Watched Separate Lies and Three to Tango, both recorded as suggestions by my TiVo. The fall TV schedule can't start soon enough.
  • Did the grocery shopping for the week and it all fit in 2 reusable bags but the one was so stuffed I could barely get it out of the cart, let alone up 3 flights of stairs.
  • Read and relaxed while making dinner.
  • Crawled in bed amazed that the weekend was over already.
How was your weekend?

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