Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger of late. I've lapsed on my Photo of the Day posts and I'm now a full week behind in posting my Weekend Update. I don't really have a good excuse, I simply just haven't made time for it, but I'm getting back in the groove now, I promise.

I've been very easily distracted the past two weeks primarily by Barney and a new mattress. They are totally unrelated but both wonderful additional to my life.

Barney and I are getting into a regular groove and I'm loving having him in my life. He seems to be adjusting to his new home and to me pretty easily, in fact, he gets a little upset when I leave him home alone. :-( He is full on unconditional love for everyone he meets. I've loved getting out and enjoying these final days of summer on our daily walks and am amazed how different my neighborhood looks on foot.

After weeks of research and with the assistance of my brother Dave and Don, I picked up my new mattress on August 26th. My old mattress was purchased while I was in college when I moved out of the sorority and into my first real apartment. I had slept on it for nearly 14 years, set it up in 10 different homes in 5 different states. I was so excited to get my new mattress that I didn't even think about the fact that I may feel sad to let the old one go but I know that the cute couple who answered my ad on Craig's List will give it a great new home in their guest room. My new mattress is HUGE, in fact I thought I was going to have to invest in a step stool to get up on it but I've managed to adjust to it. It's a joy to sleep on. It's soft, yet firm and oh so comfy. I find myself craving bed time earlier and earlier every night.

Barney is reminding me that it's time for his walk and I'm craving my bed but rest assured, I won't be so quiet in the coming weeks.


Anandi said...

The real question is - is Barney allowed in your bed on that comfy new mattress? That would make it just about perfect :)

Julie Anne said...

He is allowed on the new mattress, but only upon invitation. I've been a bit more of a stickler than usual with the rules these past few weeks so that he understands the boundaries.

With that said, following a few of our early morning walks on the weekends I've let him curl up on the mattress upon our return and he thinks he has just won the lottery!