Monday, September 08, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Better late than never, here are the highlights from my Labor Day weekend:
  • Spent Thursday visiting some clients on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Supervised as Dave plank grilled some fresh salmon for dinner on his new Weber grill.
  • Watched the OSU football season opener against Stanford, which they lost, painfully, with Dave, Kristen and John.
  • Cancelled our planned day trip to Mount St Helens on Friday since the *cutest nephew in the world* had a virus so instead Barney and I relaxed at home.
  • Did the usual laundry bit on Saturday morning. Only noteworthy aspect was the absence of the idiot barista at Peet's, maybe they got smart and got rid of her? We can only hope.
  • Took care of John while Kristen and Dave went to a wedding on Saturday. Actually Barney did most of the work as he is the babysitting assistant ever.
  • Drank some beer and played some cards at RedHook with Don and Kat on Sunday afternoon.
  • Tried out yet another off-leash area, this time at Woodland Park, and have decided that Barney is just not ever going to fit in the "off-leash" scene and that's okay.
  • Celebrated Labor Day with Don and Kat with a barbeque on Monday evening.
How was your weekend?

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