Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a busy and productive weekend, here are the highlights:
  • Got an early start to the weekend with an early dismissal from work at the conclusion of our annual Summer Picnic on Thursday. I was chair of the picnic again this year so by the end I was cold, muddy and exhausted but glad it was a success.
  • Ran home long enough to shower and change into clean clothes and then went to pick up my new dog, Barney. Snapped this pic moments after picking him up.
  • Headed back home to get Barney settled in and fed and then we were off to my friend Kipp's for dinner along with Barney and Kayla (Kipp's dog) play-time.
  • Woke early Friday morning (one of the benefits of dog ownership) and enjoyed a bit of lazy time around the house.
  • Ran to Costco, Pet's Mart and Safeway to pick up dog supplies and other items I needed.
  • Read my book while waiting in line at the ferry from Fauntleroy to Southworth.
  • Loved watching John (the cutest nephew in the world) follow Barney around their yard. They were instant buddies.
  • Enjoyed a fun evening and yummy dinner at Kristen and Dave's.
  • Completed the usual Saturday morning laundry bit but this time with Barney in tow. He loved meeting all the people and dogs atop the hill.
  • Ran to Fred Meyer to pick up some more household stuff including a shelving unit for my utility closet.
  • Cleaned everything out of the utility closet, set up the shelves and reorganized it. The before can be seen here, the after seen here.
  • Cleaned the rest of the apartment while Barney slept in the sunshine on the deck.
  • Decided not to cook the dinner and ordered a pizza. Watched some Olympic coverage and relaxed with Barney on the couch.
  • Took Barney to the off-leash area at Golden Gardens on Sunday morning so that he could sniff and play with other doggie friends.
  • Made another trip to Pet's Smart (to make an exchange) and a quick stop at Target and then we were home for the rest of the day just in time for the rain to start.
  • Relaxed the afternoon away by watching the Olympics and taking a nap with on the couch.
  • Grilled up some pork chops and fresh veggies (including tomatoes from my garden) for dinner while Don and Barney got acquainted with each other.
  • Enjoyed a good bottle of wine and dinner on the deck in the rain.
Quite the whirlwind. How was your weekend?

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