Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a HOT one in Seattle. The highlights:
  • Attended to some appointments on Friday morning. The best thing about a 4-day work week is that you have an entire day to schedule appointment and can be leisurely about it.
  • Completed many of my household chores while sweating in my 80+ degree apartment on Friday afternoon.
  • Enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Watched the Olympics, read and surfed the internet.
  • Saturday morning was all about, that's right, Laundry!
  • Watched more Olympics, gotta love em, read and relaxed on Saturday afternoon.
  • Completed a very successful outing to the Costco Home store in Kirkland. I picked out my new mattress in less than an hour.
  • Attended a gathering for friends and alumni of Westminster College at a lovely home in Bellevue.
  • Enjoyed a lakeside patio dinner with Don, Kat and Nancy at The Beach Cafe at Yarrow Bay Grill.
  • Walked around Fisherman's Terminal on Sunday morning, it was nice and cool on the water.
  • Had a yummy breakfast at The Bay Cafe.
  • Spent the bulk of Sunday afternoon in my bedroom enjoying the air conditioning while I gave myself a mani/pedi, read, watched old episodes of Gilmore Girls and the Olympics.
  • Ventured into the non air conditioned part of the apartment to fix some dinner. Grilling was the only option due to the heat.
  • Watched even more Olympic coverage while I ate dinner.
Now it's off to prepare for the week ahead, then bed. How was your weekend?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Ha! I stay in the AC'd part of my apartment too! I wish I had central AC - even when I cook something basic, I'm sweating bullets.

De-lurking! Love all your photos -so green up there in Seattle!