Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Midday Silliness

I had lunch with 2 co-workers today and the conversation centered around funny things from the world wide web. Upon returning to the office we forwarded numerous links and funnies to one another which immediately induced a small fit of the giggles.

Just when I was starting to be productive again I stumbled across my new favorite website We were laughing uncontrollably while looking at these pics. There are some real idiots out there! And what perfect vengence to get back at the parking-challenged drivers out there. We have all been there - you walk out to your car and find that someone has attempted to park next to you but has messed it up so badly that you are sure a 5-year-old was driving! Now you can snap a picture and post it on this website. I can't wait till someone parks like a jerk near me again!

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