Saturday, March 17, 2007

Everything Jewells

Think you know me? I have written a quiz about me, can you ace it?

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Don said...

Damn, I totally SUCKED... I only got 4 out of 10!

But I have to call bullshit on the favorite movie (and I’ll kinda give it away for anyone else who takes the quiz)—you talk about Bridget Jones’s Diary WAY more than you do about Casablanca, declarations of a favorite movie notwithstanding. So I hereby declare my score is actually 5/10. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Don on the Bridget Jones's Diary thing. That was one I thought I had right for sure.

Jimmy Black said...

I think that this is Casabullshit. I just talked to Julie and she said that nobody has got the one about the movie right. Doesn't this tell you something Jewells. It is obvious that Bridget Jones is your favorite movie. You just need to ask your friends and family.

Katharine said...

I agree on the movie - it appears that so far we have 4 out 4 for Bridget Jones. Hmmmm.... maybe you don't know yourself. :)

Kristen and Dave Black said...

Such Bullshit on the movie. When you refer to your life as that cut right out of Bridget Jones, how could Casablanca even rank?