Friday, March 16, 2007

Field Report: Bathroom Habits

I moved to a new cubicle two weeks ago. I am adjusting to the new spot and actually like it more than I thought I would. The main drawback is my close proximity to the bathrooms. I hear the toilet flush what seems like hundreds of times each day. And it's surprising to me some of the things that I have noticed about the bathroom habits of my colleagues. Some notes that I have made:
  • The men turn the bathroom light off when they leave the bathroom, the women do not. (This also turns the fan off, which I thought most people appreciated in a bathroom.)
  • My male colleagues visit the bathroom more often during the day than my female colleagues.
  • There are more conversations in the ladies room than in the men's room.
  • I have noted that several of my male colleague will divert their plan of going to the bathroom if they see someone else entering the bathroom before them . They will do something else and enter the bathroom a few minutes later. There is room to accommodate more than one so it makes me wonder if they have performance anxiety?
  • The drinking fountain (located directly between the 2 restrooms) is used by the men more than the women. (This may explain the reason for additional trips to the bathroom.)
Well lunch break is over now. Back to work. Happy Friday!

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