Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday marked a milestone in my life. Yesterday was my 7-year "cancer-free" anniversary.

Seven years. Wow. Although this anniversary was different than the others I've marked as this one just a regular Sunday. I didn't think about it much, actually I forgot about it until late in the day. I was not consciously trying to *forget* it but rather had a lot of projects happening simultaneously. When it did occur to me I though about sending a tweet or writing a blog entry but then opted for other activities including my latest baking triumph.

It isn't that I don't care about 7-years and it isn't that 7-years isn't significant, it is. I've always been a bit timid about celebrating too quickly or too hard because you never know what is right around corner. After all my mother had a recurrence of her cancer within weeks of celebrating her 5-year mark and it scared me to the core.

While lying in bed last night, trying to get my brain to shut off and sleep to take over I thought about why the day hadn't been more emotional than other anniversaries had been and the thought that came to mind over and over again was... "Time heals all wounds." Time has certainly lessened the sting of the physical and emotional scars of cancer. Time has made me more confident and less afraid of losing my life. Time has made me feel more normal.

So here is to SEVEN, I'm looking forward to hanging out with you for a while and not just because you started off with a clean scan and a *good* call from the doctor, but because you seem more stable and less emotional than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations and good for you!

Mary said...

Congratulations! My life is much sweeter with you in it. May you continue to enjoy good health, great adventures and much peace of mind.

MamaDoodle said...

Yay you! Here's to celebrating many more such anniversaries!