Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Seattle was the place to be last weekend as the weather was unbelievable. The highlights for me included:
  • Left the office early on Friday thanks to my long hours earlier in the week to run a few errands and soak up some rare Seattle sunshine.
  • Picked Don up from work and headed over the Beach Cafe at Yarrow Bay Grill for alfresco happy hour which turned into dinner. It was sunny and in the 70's which made for a perfect sunset.
  • Enjoyed breakfast at the Maltby Cafe with Kat and Don.
  • Arrived at Flower World just a few minutes before they opened to find a line waiting at the gate to the property. Flower World a.k.a. Plant World (the mind of Jewells is a complex thing) was everything I expected and more! We got everything on the list and saw amazing plants, flowers, trees, ponds, fountains and fish, I can't wait to go back.
  • Made a quick stop by Home Depot to pick up potting soil and then headed back to Seattle to initiate the "playing in the dirt."
  • Started potting 94 flowers/herbs/veggies in 17 pots in 90 degree heat.
  • Ran back to Home Depot in the midst of the planting for a few forgotten items including fans for Don's apartment and more pots.
  • Finished potting 94 flowers/herbs/veggies in 17 pots in 90 degree heat (more details about flowers/plants to come in future post).
  • Cleaned the deck, wiped down the furniture and watched while Don scrub the grill, apparently my scrubbing skills are inadequate.
  • Showered not only to remove the dirt but also to cool down.
  • Headed down to the Seattle waterfront to enjoy another alfresco dining experience at Bell Street Diner. Never did we dream that we would get to enjoy the people-watching of teenagers at the prom. Oh joy!
  • Woke early on Sunday morning so I drank 3/4 of a pot of coffee while I colored my hair and hung around at home.
  • Rode along enjoying the sites while Don drove us to the "boring side of the pond" i.e. the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Enjoyed beer and lunch and beer on the patio at Silver City Restaurant and Brewery in Silverdale, WA.
  • Dropped off color bowls of flowers at Dave and Kristen's in Port Orchard, WA.
  • Drove back around the pond and ended up at Red Mill Burgers where we enjoyed dinner, outdoors, of course.
  • Ran by the grocery store and headed home to get ready to face the week ahead.
How was your weekend?

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