Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up: 9/25 - 9/27 & 10/2 - 10/4

Its a super-sized edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up with the highlights of the last 2 weekends. Enjoy!

9/25 - 9-27:
  • Woke and dressed in profession wear and head to Ballard to pick up Kathleen on Friday morning.
  • Had a good time mingling with sisters from other chapters at the Seattle Area P.E.O. Reciprocity meeting.
  • Had a lovely al fresco lunch with Kathleen at Sonrisa at U Village.
  • Dropped off Kathleen and headed home.
  • Processed about several winter squash and a bunch of yellow squash for the freezer.
  • Caught up on episodes of my favorite TV shows.
  • Did Laundry.
  • Enjoyed breakfast at the Queen Anne Cafe where I proclaimed that I am DONE with breakfast potatoes.
  • Ran errands.
  • Processed the other half of the winter squash and several large zucchini for the freezer (in total I processed 98 pounds of vegetables).
  • Slept in WAY longer than usual on Sunday morning. Yay!
  • Enjoyed a quiet day at home with household chores on Sunday.
  • Quizzed Kat on Cisco flashcards while Don made dinner.
10/2 - 10/4:
  • Got my second mammogram of the year, all is well and I'm off the hook until 2010.
  • Took a nap when my afternoon plans fizzled.
  • Enjoyed a relaxing evening a home catching up with the TiVo.
  • Got my flu shot.
  • Enjoyed breakfast at The Original Pancake House with Don and Kat.
  • Picked up some new jeans at Catherine's.
  • Got ready for the cooler weather by getting new long sleeve tees and a sweater at JC Penney.
  • Went to Office Max twice trying to buy toner for my printer. Note to self: write down the model number next time.
  • Celebrated a milestone for my associate and friend Amy with drinks at Elysian Fields, taking the *adult* version of the Seattle Underground Tour and having a late dinner at Mama's Mexican Kitchen.
  • Enjoyed a quiet Sunday at home with lots of household chores.
How was your weekend?

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