Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up: 10/16 - 10/18

It was a busy but good fall weekend. Here are the highlights:
  • Went to the doctor and was diagnosed me with bilateral ear infections and a sinus infection resulting in a prescription for antibiotics.
  • Took a nap.
  • Met my friend Nikki for a crepe lunch at Citizen.
  • Ran by the office.
  • Got my prescription filled.
  • Enjoyed a dinner of Mac 'n' Cheese and beer with Don at McMenamins on Friday night.
  • Slept in (well until nearly 9 a.m.) on Saturday morning.
  • Bought some new music from iTunes and played with my music library and enjoyed a quiet morning at home.
  • Ran around with my colleague Amy to find all the items needed to create our Halloween costumes.
  • Reviewed some Cisco flashcards with Kat.
  • Saw Love Happens at Gold Class Cinemas with Kat.
  • Picked up a Electric Kettle at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Had a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue with Don and Kat.
  • Slept until 8:30 a.m. on Sunday when the phone woke me up which didn't bother me too much when I realized it was a colleague telling me that she didn't need me to come in and help prep for an audit after all.
  • Enjoyed coffee and pumpkin cheesecake (from dinner the night before) for breakfast in bed surrounded by several months worth of Martha Stewart Living and Bon Appetit.
  • Narrowed down my new recipe finds to a few for this week and made a grocery list.
  • Ran to Target to pick up some essentials and a new iPod player for my car (I crushed the old one in the center console, oops).
  • Picked up a copy of The Bread Bakers Apprentice at Barnes and Noble so that I can start the BBA Challenge.
  • Ran to the Apple Store so Don could get a case for his new iPhone.
  • Went to Crate and Barrel and ONLY bought a new cooling rack and a Bake/Store cake pan but that is because we made ourselves stop browsing.
  • Went to the grocery store.
  • Spent the late afternoon and evening in the kitchen. I made Oatmeal (for breakfast this week), New England Clam and Corn Chowder with Herbs (for lunches this week), a Carrot Cake (to take to the office on Monday in honor of October birthdays) and Crispy Chicken for dinner.
  • Watched Thursday nights episode of Bones.
How was your weekend?

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Christina said...

I'm always amazed at how much you manage to pack into one weekend. Sunday's breakfast sounded fantastic. :o)