Friday, June 08, 2007

QotD: I'll Have The Usual

Vox Question of the Day - If a waiter stopped by right now to take your order, what cocktail or drink are you having?

Typically it would depend what was "on tap" or not. I am a big fan of the Northwest Microbreweries and like to experiment a bit but always like a Hefeweizen or similar. I'm also a big fan of wine, both red and wine depending on the season and what I am eating.

And depending on my company I have been know to venture into the "harder stuff." When I am handing with Katharine I have been known to drink margaritas or the like and when I am with my friend Suzie, I always drink Long Island Ice Teas. Yes, they are both horrible influences on me. ;-)

Originally posted on my Vox site. Full post moved here September 7, 2010 in anticipation of Vox's closing.

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