Monday, April 09, 2007

QotD: Thanks for the Memories

Vox Question of the Day - What are the 10 most memorable music performances you've seen? (Remember, "memorable" may not be good.)
  1. Vienna Teng at the Triple Door, Seattle, Washington because it was amazing and the best live performance I have ever seen.
  2. Sting at Park West (now The Canyons), Park City, Utah because it was amazing and we were in the 4th row.
  3. Oingo Boingo in Portland, Oregon because I fell asleep.
  4. The Boston Pops at Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia because all of my friends were there celebrating my 29th birthday.
  5. Jimmy Buffett at the Nissan Pavillion, Bristow, Virginia because they had to stop the concert for 30 minutes due to Hurricane force winds.
  6. The Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington because they performed the Brandenburg Concertos and I had dreamed of seeing it my entire life.
  7. Neil Diamond at the Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah because it was my first concert ever.
  8. Neil Diamond at Key Arena, Seattle, Washington because he is just old and my Mom fell asleep.
  9. U2 at Key Arena, Seattle, Washington because I always wanted to see them perform live.
  10. Chicago at Park West (now The Canyons) Park City, Utah because it was the week before I left for college with a bunch of my high school friends and I knew it would never be the same.

Originally posted on my Vox site. Full post moved here September 7, 2010 in anticipation of Vox's closing.

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