Monday, April 02, 2007

The Bachelor.... Really?

I was channel surfing tonight and stumbled across the premier of the latest installment of The Bachelor on ABC. How is it that this show is still around? With nothing else desirable on I watched the last 40 minutes of the show.

My friend Heather watched the last season in the fall and nicknamed the show "Bitches and Ho's" and I see why. It was completely laughable that 25 woman can behave SO badly.

I was a bit surprised when the front runner for the title of official *drama queen* didn't receive a rose tonight. But she did storm out and have a first class temper tantrum just like a 3 year old on the front lawn of the mansion.

Clearly these women aren't here to find the man of there dreams. If we have learned anything from the previous seasons of the show we know that this is no way to find true love, they never stay together. So it makes me wonder why they are here. Maybe they are just aching to make total fools of themselves. Who knows?
Maybe I am just too old for

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