Sunday, February 13, 2005

Weekly Update

Hello all!

It has been another busy week for me. Here are some of my adventures for the week.

Last Sunday afternoon, my roommate Lyle and I took a trip up Millcreek Canyon and I asked the fatal question of my postal worker friend, "How do they deliver all that mail?" Well, that prompted him to invite me on a tour of the post office. So on Tuesday at noon, I met him and a class of partially blind students from a local school for a tour of the post office. All I can say is WOW! It is truly amazing all of the organization that goes on there everyday! At the end of the tour, Lyle and his friend Maggie (a doll) reminded the kids to always be very cautious and safe around mail trucks and we all gathered together for a picture. It was great fun and good to know how the mail actually makes it to our homes!

On Wednesday morning I left to fly to Seattle via San Francisco. I completed three successful interviews, including one call back, and should know exactly where I stand with offers, or not, on Monday. I am very excited about the potential opportunities and hopefully next week's message will include some definite news of where I will be working. I spent some time looking at some neighborhoods and exploring Seattle a bit more this time around. I have narrowed down where I would like to live and will continue to narrow this down once I have accepted a job.

My trip was not all work, I did take some time to play and spent some time with my brother and sister in law, Dave and Kristen, and my friend Don. Highlights of my play-time included sampling the famous Seattle micro brews, eating Indian cuisine and shopping at Pike Place Market. And of course, I drank my fair share of coffee! The weather in Seattle was perfect, sunny skies and mild temps during the day! I hear that they get a lot of rain there, but I have not seen a whole lot of it during the last few weeks, so I am beginning to wonder!

I appreciate all of your notes, emails etc. I will continue to keep you updated on all of the great changes and excitement in my life!

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