Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekly Update - Weekly Update and a Top 10!

Hello all!

Well today marks the beginning of my 4th week of unemployment and although I have managed to keep myself very busy and not have a single "lazy day" I am growing a bit bored with the whole thing and ready fora full-time gig again! So, to keep myself positive I have created my own Top 10 Reasons that Unemployment ROCKS! Here goes....

10. I don't have to punch a time clock!
9. I have more time for hobbies!
8. Reading, I think I am up to 6 books so far!
7. No commuting!
6. Spending time with my nephews!
5. Two-hour or more lunches with friends and family!
4. I can spend time relaxing in the hot tub after a workout!
3. I am my OWN boss!
2. Watching Oprah!
1. I get to wear jeans everyday! (Except, of course, when I am interviewing!)

Maybe not as funny as David Letterman, but still mildly amusing, right?

I picked up my new glasses last Monday! And I have to say that I had a ball with the entire experience. I have never been able to pick out new glasses and choose from every frame in the store, but this time I did. I ended up going with a plastic tortoise shell frame that everyone tells me makes me look smart, academic and sophisticated. I had a tough time adjusting to the progressive lenses, and had a whopper of a headache on Monday night! But by Tuesday I was completely adjusted and now I LOVE THEM! I was going to include a picture, but I have my contacts in today, so look for one in a future email!

I had the joy of applying for my unemployment benefits this week and have to say that I was pleasantly surprisingly how easy it was. I was also surprised how little the benefit is. I qualified for the maximum amount, which as a friend pointed out, equates to approximately $9.25 an hour. Woo Hoo!

My job search is still plugging along and I am leaving for Seattle on Wednesday morning for my second interviews with my 1st and 3rd choices. I have to say that I am MUCH more nervous this time that the last, but also excited that the search may be nearing a conclusion. I will keep you posted on what happens!

I received a couple of requests from people to get monthly updates instead of weekly. If you are interested in receiving monthly updates or no updates, please let me know, you won't hurt my feelings, I promise!

Hope this note finds you all well and I will write again next week, or as things develop on the job front!

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