Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekly Update - Feedback and Folgers

Hello all!

I have to say that I have never received as much feedback as I did from my update last week. I really appreciate all of your suggestions on paint and sharing your painting stories, it seems as though everybody has one. I do feel compelled to share one story in particular. This week a friend (name withheld to save any embarrassment caused by sharing this story) called to tell me that it is really hard to pick out paint and said, "At least you only painted a small square and not the entire room before you realized you hated it!" I had forgotten but my poor friend did just that painted the entire room and then realized that she truly despised the color. I have not progressed on the painting project at all this week, except to think about which color area I would like to pursue next. I will keep you all updated on my progress, and when it is all done, you will get pictures!

Work is great! It is getting easier and easier to speak and deal with customers. I have only been in a few situations where I wish I knew the talking points just a little bit better, so I continue to study up on everything. I am also adjusting to working in a cubicle. I was extremely nervous about working in a cubicle, because I tend to be a bit loud (don't laugh) and I wouldn't want to sit next to me in a cubicle. But I brought this up with my co-workers the first week and we made a pact to tell each other when we are annoying and not take it personally. Fortunately, or not, my entire area is marketing types, so we are all loud and all tell each other to quiet down from time to time, so it works.

One things that is really annoying me at work is the coffee situation. First of all, we have a housekeeping rule about coffee, if there is less than 3 cups in the pot after you get your coffee you must make a new pot. Well it seems that every single time that I go to get a cup of coffee there is less than 3 cups there. I think that people purposely avoid taking any coffee so that they don't have to make a new pot. I don't know for sure how many pots of coffee I made last week, but it was a lot. The other point about coffee is that I think that Mr. Coffee and Folgers are in cahoots together. It is impossible to pour a cup of coffee from the coffee maker carafe without dribbling a large amount of coffee on the counter, hence wasting coffee, hence increasing Folgers profits...... The point in sharing this all is that I now realized how spoiled I was to have a coffee cart in the lobby at St. Mark's and never be forced to make a pot of coffee myself.

It rained all weekend here and it was wonderful. A perfect weekend to stay inside and work on projects. I am nearly all settled, just the office remains, and that project is being held up by the search for a desk. I know what I want, but cannot seem to find anything like it, ugh! I promised to send pictures once it is all settled and done.

I hope that you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day holiday. I know that my family (especially my mother) makes a bigger deal of this holiday than most, but I was very disappointed by the lack of participation in the holiday this year. There were only two of us at work that were dressed in green and almost everyone had FORGOTTEN! I can't believe it! I did my best to spread the holiday cheer dressed in green and drinking green beer (after work of course!) it was great!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! And, HAPPY EASTER!

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