Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekly Update - Challenged by picking out paint!

Hello all!

What a week it has been, crazy, productive, busy, scary and fun. I am going to have to pick and choose what to include in my update this week....'cause there is just so much to chose from, here are the highlights.

Work continues to be challenging and fun. I found out on Tuesday that I would be "going live" with customers on Wednesday, which was one week earlier than planned. Needless to say, I was a wreck on Wednesday morning. But, I made is successfully through my first call and the subsequent calls and by the end of the week, I was much less nervous. My greatest fear was being asked a question that I didn't know the answer to, but the fact is that our customers don't know everything and that is why they need us! I continue to work on some special projects including a redesign of the company web page and re-branding efforts.

My apartment is getting more and more settled everyday. We have mandatory recycling in Seattle, which is fine, I am certainly willing to participate, however, for over a week all of the recycling receptacles have been over-flowing and the wrapping paper from my fragile items continues to sit in my apartment waiting for the bins to be emptied. I have now been staring at them for over a week and am getting a bit tired of it.

I still think that one of the best parts about my new home is the view from the deck. I am now able to tell the temperature outside (roughly, of course) by the color of the water in the lake. The more grey it is, the colder it is outside and the more blue it is, the warmer it is. And, watching the activities on the lake is equally fun including sea planes and boats.

My bathroom on the other hand is an entirely different story. When I moved in there was a LOVERLY "under the sea" mural painted on the bathr oom wall. I have included a picture for you, so that you can truly experience it. The super gave me the option of leaving it there (ah, no!), having them paint the bathroom white or painting the bathroom myself, any color that I like. So, I opted for painting the bathroom myself, any color I like. I have decorated this bathroom in the "angel" motif, just like my last several bathrooms and decided to got with a very light taupe brown color. I spend nearly a hour in the paint section at Home Depot and came home with a handful of samples and a "tester" of the color that I had narrowed down to my favorite. I painted the sample color on the walls in three spots in the bathroom and it is horrible. I thought that it would grow on me, but each and every day I just hate it a bit more and I have come to realize that I really suck at picking out paint. So back to square one on that project, I will keep you posted.

One of my co-workers, Barb, invited me out with "the girls" on Friday night. We met at her friend Wendy's home for appetizers and wine and then walked to the Sunset Tavern to see a band called "Weather." Turns out that the band actually started in SLC and moved to the Northwest to work with their new producer who is a friend of Barb's. Their album comes out on April 5th. You can check them out at I had a great time, and made some new friends, which just made the night even sweeter.

Saturday I was forced to be home the entire afternoon awaiting the arrival of the Comcast cable installer. Without sharing every detail of this horrible experience with Comcast, I will just leave it to say that I HATE THEM! I will be calling them today to let them know exactly what I think of them and demand satisfaction. I will keep you posted!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here, very little rain, lots of sun and mild temps. Unfortunately there are consequences including our Governor declaring an official drought last week and the talk of restrictions on water usage. But while it's beautiful I am going to spend lots of time exploring Seattle. Yesterday I took a long walk and soaked up the sun.

Well enough for now. Hope you all have a GREAT week!

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