Monday, February 28, 2011

The the winner is...

The big night has come and gone.  All the winners have been announced, except ONE!

I received a total of 9 entries in my Oscar Pool, 10 if you count my picks but I wasn't competing for the prize.  Thanks to all of your who participated it was really nice to have such a great response this year.  So without further ado, here are top standings.

  1. Brian - 17
  2. Diane - 14
  3. Alisen - 12
  4. Don, Katharine, Teresa - 10

Congratulations Brian!  Your prize will be sent to you shortly!


Mary said...

Thanks for the opportunity!

Diane Cañate said...

Dang it! I was sooooo close!

Julie Anne said...

Diane - As I was calculating the results I was sure that you had it in the bag! You were really close. Sorry.

MamaDoodle said...

This made watching the Oscars so much fun! This is possibly the first time I've ever paid attention to "Best Animated Short."