Wednesday, January 05, 2011

50 in 2011

The beginning of the new year always makes me look back at the previous year and take an accounting of what I've accomplished.  I was a bit astonished when I discovered that I read only 11 books in 2010.  I adore reading.  I love getting lost in different places with fascinating people.  I love exploring different worlds, lifestyles, places in history in the way that you can do when reading a book.  Movies and television shows just aren't the same; You don't get to spend the time with the characters and really get to know them and their surroundings/situation like you can in a book.

I'm usually reading several books at a time.  One is usually fiction, the others are usually non-fiction and thought provoking.  My shortest read in 2010 was The Girl Who Played with Fire which I completed in 5 days.  The longest read was Half the Sky which took me 5 months (each chapter was heavy and took some time to digest.) There were big periods of time when I wasn't actively reading anything which I can't explain.  I'm a bit angry with myself for not more actively engaging in something that brings me such joy.  I've decided that 2011 will not be a repeat of 2010 and will be challenging myself to read 50 books in 2011.

Yes, I realize that 50 books is nearly a book a week.  Yes, I realize that this may be a bit crazy, but I'm still going to commit to giving it my best effort.

Do you think you are up to the challenge?  What to join me?  I've created a private group in Goodreads for friends who would like to commit to the same challenge.  If you are interested in joining let me know by email or by leaving a comment on this post and I will send you and invitation to join the group.

Happy Reading!


Mary said...

I, too, have been shocked and a bit disappointed at my reading rate. I'll join the challenge, knowing that it's a stretch...but hey, that's why they're challenges : )


Kathleen said...

I'd like to join, knowing that I'll be using up some of my reading time in yoga teacher training. But, what the hey!

Julie Anne said...

Thanks for joining in on the challenge my friends! I've made the appropriate invites to add you to the group.

MamaDoodle said...

I just requested to join. I've been reading like crazy lately and am definitely up for the challenge!