Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010: My favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things about Christmas this year.  It was a truly magical one.

  • Eggnog lattes!
  • 2,300 lights!  That is how many were on the tree this year and it was glorious!
  • Lots of time in the kitchen to create fabulous holiday meals and treats.
  • Celebrating with friends!
  • Eggnog Pie!
  • Being spoiled with gifts of things that I'd never buy for myself but absolutely adore including one of a kind handmade jewelry, a cashmere sweater and a Pashmina.
  • Waving, yelling "Hi John!" and making faces at my nephew and sister-in-law every time they spun around the carousel at Westlake Center.
  • Being able to give my Mom a relaxing holiday where she didn't have to cook, clean or be the hostess.
  • Teaching my nephew to say, "I am not your father" with his new Darth Vader helmet on and then encouraging him to repeat it to everyone in the room.  He is like a human puppet, it is awesome!
  • Laughing to the point of tears with my Mom (thanks to the "human puppet" antics of my nephew) and then being told by my nephew, "You girls need to stop it NOW!" which just caused an eruption of more laugher and tears.
  • The look on Don's face when he opened his gift.
  • Discovering a bunch of new Christmas music which I adore.
  • The best turkey we have ever made.
  • Christmas shopping at 6:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve and have the parking lots, stores and roads all to myself.

Hope you had a merry and memorable one!  Happy New Year!

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