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Christmas Movie Review

I have had an unending love affair with cheesy Christmas movies since I was a child. It began with classics like Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas which I remember watching as a child and loving every minute of. The mix of sentiment and holiday cheer left me with a gooey feeling on the inside that I just adored.

Years later I discovered the Christmas movies on Lifetime, ABC Family and Hallmark and would flip on the TV to fill the space of time while setting up the tree, writing out Christmas cards or wrapping presents. But 2 years ago I had my first holiday season with a TiVo and it changed this deep appreciation of Christmas films into a crazy obsession. Now beginning in mid-November I set up "Wish List" searches, set recordings for my favorite titles, rearrange my NetFlix queue so that I only receive holiday films and read up on the "new" premier films. All this so that I can spend every spare moment from mid-November through early January overdosing on sappy Christmas movies, it is an addiction, I'm well aware.

During the 2008 Christmas season I watched 51 movies. And yes I am aware that 51 is A LOT of movies. With the urging and teasing of Don and Kat I made a list of the movies I watched and rating them on a 1 to 4 star scale, 4 being the best. I typed it up and then forgot it as this post has been sitting in my draft folder a really, really, really, really, really long time. It was complete with the exception of links and comments so I added those and decided that today is the perfect day to post it since Christmas is five months from today. They are listed in alphabetical order with links to applicable IMDB pages. Enjoy!

All I Want for Christmas (2007) **** Story is really only 3-star worthy but I loved the character, Ben, portrayed by Robert Mailhouse. Am I the only one who thinks he is adorable?

All I Want for Christmas (1991) ** I don't recall seeing this when it came out, now I know why.

All She Wants for Christmas *** Cute story but Monica Keena is just annoying.

Angel in the Family ** They implied that there were tons of deep seeded family issues but they could all miraculously be fixed in one day with their "angel" mother, I didn't buy it.

Boyfriend for Christmas, A **** Adorable!

Carol Christmas, A * Exactly how many twists can be made on Charles Dickens wonderful tale, ugh! And Tori Spelling was horrible.

Christmas Box, The ** I LOVED this book and hated the movie, all the magic of the book was lost when it was converted to a screenplay. Richard Thomas is overrated and didn't portray the role well.

Christmas Caper ** Saw this when it premiered last year and thought it was okay but Shannen Doherty isn't one of my favorite people and it bugged me this year.

Christmas Card, The *** Great story but Alice Evans (who stars in the lead role) has a weird lisp and it drove me NUTS the entire time I was watching the movie.

Christmas Choir, The **** Very touching especially when you learn that its based on a true story.

Christmas List, The **** This is the epitome of a cheesy Christmas movie for me, I've watched it every year for as long as I can remember.

Christmas Secret, The ** Story dragged on and on and once again with Richard Thomas in the mix to ruin it all.

Christmas Shoes, The *** A perfect example of why a 3-minute song shouldn't be turned into a 2-hour movie. Only redeeming factor was the cast as I love Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Rob Lowe.

Christmas Wedding, A *** Sappy Christmas romance, but it dragged a bit.

Christmas in Boston **** Cute!

Christmas with the Kranks * HORRIBLE!

Different Kind of Christmas, A *** Cute, but probably won't watch it again.

Diva’s Christmas Carol, A ** Enough with the twists on A Christmas Carol. Ugh!

Elf ** Actually liked it better the first time I saw it. This year I didn't find it funny at all.

Eve’s Christmas **** Cute!

His and Her Christmas ***I kept falling asleep during this one which I don't think was because of the film but rather the time of day I was choosing to watch it, right before bed.

Holiday Affair (1996) **** Cute. I just realized that its a remake of a 1949 film with Janet Leigh, I'll have to check that one out next year.

Holiday in Handcuffs *** It was better the first time around, but still entertaining this year.

Holiday to Remember, A *** I hereby declare that Randy Travis shouldn't make any more movies.

Home by Christmas *** I've seen this one before and always find it moving.

Home for the Holidays ** Yawn!

Its a Wonderful Life ***** The quintessential holiday classic and my favorite holiday movie by a long shot.

Lost Holiday: The Jim and Suzanne Shemwell Story ** Nothing says happy holidays like watching a couple get lost in the woods and then scream and yell at each other for a week.

Man Who Saved Christmas, The **** Based on the true story of the inventor of the Erector Set.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas **** It's Mickey Mouse, what is not to love about Mickey.

Moonlight and Mistletoe **** New this year, I liked it but wonder if it will retain the 4-star rating in the future.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year, The **** Loved Henry Winkler's performance, he cracked me up.

Ms Scrooge ** Again with the Christmas Carol remakes, ugh!

Polar Express, The ** I loved this book but the movie is just creepy and LONG.

Recipe for a Perfect Christmas **** Cute!

Road to Christmas *** Cute, but a little on the slow side.

Santa Baby *** I used to find Jenny McCarthy annoying but in the last decade she has transformed herself from Playboy/MTV bimbo into a kind and loving advocate and mother and now I adore her.

Santa Jr. ** Trying a little too hard.

Season for Miracles, A **** One of my favorites as it has the perfect mix of intrigue, magic and love to give you chills and bring a tear to your eye.

Silver Bells **** Cast leaves a bit to be desired but the story has that typical holiday sentiment that I adore.

Snow *** Tom Cavanagh is adorable and this is a cute holiday story.

Snow 2: Brain Freeze *** Sequel of the previous film and the "rest of the story" and cute, but lacking a bit of the magic that the first one had.

Snowglobe *** One I could relate to in that struggle between wanting a "perfect Christmas" and just being in the moment, a cute film.

Stealing Christmas **** Tony Danza and Lea Thompson in a "bad guy turned good" Christmas tale, it is holiday gold.

Three Days *** A woman (Kristen Davis) dies but then gets to come back and spend 3 days with her husband. It has been described as "It's a Wonderful Life, Part II" yet I wasn't blown away by it, but I was setting up the tree and chatting while it was one so I really need to give it another chance.

Twelve Days of Christmas Eve, The ** Not funny, only mildly charming and Molly Shannon drove me nuts.

Town Without Christmas, A ** Chuck full of holiday cheese but it just lacked something, not sure what.

Unlikely Angel **** Very predictable and filled with holiday goodness, plus Dolly Parton is adorable.

Very Married Christmas, A *** Movie tagline is "It takes a lifetime of marriage to find your way back to true love" and it is a nice combination of reality, sadness and love.

Very Merry Daughter of the Bride, A **** A new one for 2008 and cute, sure to become a long standing favorite.

White Christmas *** A classic and one that must be watched annually. I own it on DVD now and the quality is amazing.

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